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Writing Board for Lecture Room
Writing Board for Lecture Room presented to you are made of high-quality resin coated steel material which lasts for longer time. This board is best known for its flat surface, smooth texture, dry ease white feature, seamless finish, pure white colour, rectangular shape and rigid structure, used for tacking the spreadsheets, artwork or notes.
ESD Safe Products
ESD Safe Products are used for preventing electrostatic discharge while working with an electrical appliance. These are easy as well as safe to use and keeps the person secure.

ESD Apron
ESD Aprons are used in different places such as cleanrooms and the areas that are ESD protective. These are available in different sizes and colors such as white, blue, yellow etc.

ESD Grounding Cord
ESD Grounding Cords are accessible in different types, designs and lengths. These are used for providing protection to the workers while working with sensitive electronic equipments.
Key Cabinets & Magazine Stands
Whether you need a key cabinet or magazine/ news paper stand for your office, our company can supply it. Customers, like retailers are free to place orders for key cabinets & magazine stands.
Material Handling Storage Bins & Accessories
Storage can be a big issue, if there are not enough material handling storage products and accessories in any workshop or factory. In order to temporarily store work pieces or any other kind of product, material handling storage bins & accessories can be used.
Panda Shelving Bin & Shelving Units
Panda shelving bin & shelving units are the partitioned storage units which can be availed in different sizes. There are developed to efficiently resist industrial solvents.
Get in touch with us to buy an ESD workstation in standard or custom size and configuration. The workstation enables positioning of ESD sensitive products.
ESD Trouser
ESD trouser offered by us in standard size can be worn by both, men and women. The comfortable to wear trouser ensures safety of wearer working in an ESD environment.

ESD Gloves
In order to prevent a person from a static discharge in a an ESD environment. The material used in the production of the pair of gloves are soft conductive and synthetic fibers.
ESD Safe Antistatic Sticky Mat
Buy from us electrical resistant ESD safe antistatic sticky mat for your ESD workstation. The charge moves to the ground mat, which prevents damage to electrical equipment.
ESD Shoes
ESD Shoes offered are made using premium quality material which is used for preventing the build-up of static electrical charges in the human body and sends them to the ground safely. These shoes are known for its high quality, strength, durability, electric and water resistance, economical as well as eco-friendly in nature.
ESD Shoe Cover
Esd Shoe Cover is knitted for protecting the user by minimizing human body discharges to ESD sensitive devices. It also prevents shoes from contamination and provide optimum performance.
ESD Brush
ESD Brush are used for painting the circuit boards, SMT assemblies, fluid applicators and many more. This brush is also used for cleaning dust particles, solder debris from PCBs, and other items that can be easily damaged by static discharges. This brush is known for its strength, quality, durability and is very economical to use.
ESD Tweezers
ESd Tweezers are usually used for high temperature applications such as soldering. These are light in weight and therefore easy to handle. Our offered products are resistant to chemical, solvent, solder, acid etc.
ESD Tester
ESD Tester is used for measuring the surface or ground resistance. It is applicable for measuring different types of items such as hard ESD laminates, table mats, floor mats and so on.
Shoe Cover Dispenser
Shoe Cover Dispenser is fabricated for protecting the floors and maintaining a clean, hygienic environment. It is also eminent in preventing contamination in order to make the place germ free.

ESD Slipper
ESD Slipper comes in different sizes, designs and colors such as blue, black etc. It smoothly discharge all static charge to the surface or ground. This product is also found in scientific labs.
ESD Caps
ESD Caps are widely used in the areas where electronics are being repaired, manufactured or assembled. These are emiment in protecting the worker against static discharge as well as contamination.
ESD Fabric
ESD fabric is made from using conductive fiber, terylene and filament fiber. It is used for protecting the worker during working with sensitive electrical equipments. Can be availed in different sizes, designs and colors.
First Aid Box
First Aid Box provided is of fine quality which is required for managing all types of injuries including normal cuts, wounds, or burns. This box helps in saving you from getting panicked due to unexpected accidents and provide you with necessary aid. This box is known for its quality, durability and economical to use.
Office Filing Systems
Office filing systems are provided in different designs and sizes. These storage systems enable convenient storage of files and other essential documents.
Glass Magnetic Board
The modern version of a classroom board is a glass magnetic board. The opaque glass board supported on a stand can be rotated in 360 degree.